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There are literally thousands of suppliers who will have you believe that recruitment is rocket science. It isn’t! It requires skill, knowledge, contacts and, unfortunately, many hours of leg work. At Animus-HR we are fully equipped to relieve you of this burden delivering high calibre recruits to efficient timescales, whether your needs are on a permanent or interim basis.

At Animus-HR we believe that the best ways to meet our clients’ needs are by : -

  • Not maintaining costly West End offices.
  • Not paying our consultants exorbitant commission, based purely on ‘sales’.
  • Not charging fees on a percentage of base salary, (plus any other benefit that will help to increase the fee).
  • Not touting individuals endlessly around all of our clients just because their CV has landed on our desks.

Instead we charge only for the work we do. We agree costs and timescales upfront before we undertake any work, (and in the case of interim roles only work on a fee for results basis). That’s why recruiting through us will usually cost you around half the fees that your traditional suppliers charge. We deliver this quality driven, yet cost effective service to our clients by maintaining a close knit network of highly skilled and experienced recruiters and interims all with extensive sector knowledge, thus keeping our overheads to a minimum, whilst maximising the levels of experience at our disposal.

Additionally, unlike many of our competitors, we also offer a full range of recruitment solutions to support our search and interim management services, ensuring our clients are supported beyond the traditional hiring process.



  • ABN
  • Chiumento
  • Property Searchers
  • AOL(UK)
  • Department of Health
  • Qualifications & Curriculum Authority
  • ARM Ltd
  • Gratcom
  • Thames Valley Police
  • Cavendish Legal Services
  • HR Consultants Ltd
  • Xiena
  • Centrica
  • National Assessment Agency
  • BP



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