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Interim Management :

Interim managers are highly valuable strategic resources, able to plug skills gaps, tackle strategic projects and manage difficult and complex business issues.

We specialise in the provision of a broad range of highly skilled interim managers, but posses a particular wealth of experience in the field of Human Resource Management. Previous assignments have included business re-alignment, mergers & acquisitions, significant down/upsizing, re-organisations, short term vacancy cover, site closure, market sensitive strategic projects, significant L&D interventions, pay reviews and tribunals.

All of our interim managers have extensive experience in their chosen field, as well as proven business acumen coupled with the ability to hit the ground running. Most will have worked in more than one business sector and will be comfortable at adapting quickly to the particular ways of working in different industries.

Our HR managers are experts in the following fields : Recruitment, learning & development, employee relations, personal and team coaching, generalist operational HR management, HR Business Partnership, compensation & benefits. In addition to HR Managers we are also experts at supplying general managers, project, programme and programme office managers, business analysts, finance managers, marketers and communications specialists.

We have experience of working across a number of business sectors including health, education, transport, financial services, utilities, defence, aerospace, high tech electronics, public services, e-commerce, legal and consultancy.


Search & Selection :

Headhunters usually charge between 25% and 35% of first year salary. Therefore a £75,000 position will be charged between £18,750 and £26,250. We do not believe that just because the base salary of a position increases, our job gets harder with it, in fact often the opposite is true. Therefore we do not base our fees on basic salary, instead we use our experience and knowledge of the marketplace to calculate how many days your search will take and multiply this by the cost of the resources we will need to employ.

A typical search would take 20 to 30 working days to complete at £400 per day, totalling £8,000 - £12,000 roughly half the cost of a traditional search firm. In addition we have a rigorous policy of ensuring that all costs are agreed upfront to ensure that there are no surprises upon successful completion.

Testing and Assessment :

In support of your own recruitment or internal promotion programmes, we can provide ability and aptitude testing in conjunction with personality and motivational measures to compliment and enhance your decision making processes.

Outplacement Counselling :

For most, redundancy, even if voluntary, can be a highly stressful and bewildering event. Key to not only getting over the shock, but to coming through it in a stronger and more positive frame of mind, is effective support throughout the outplacement process.

Supportive and informative seminars or one to one coaching can provide the answers to many questions about financial security, benefit entitlements, retirement planning and how to go about getting another job.

Self Marketing :

How to maximise your potential in the employment arena. This seminar is especially suited to school and college leavers who have limited experience in the workplace, but is also highly effective for those seeking internal promotion or development within an organisation.

Participants are not only coached through developing their own solutions to the various job hunting hurdles e.g. C.V. writing, interview techniques, research, but also spend time embracing the philosophy of how to market oneself in a positive, yet open and honest way in order to maximise their chances of engaging in a rewarding career.

Recruitment & Selection Skills :

Every company has to do it, yet it is one of the hardest things in the world to convince some people that they don’t do it that well. Selecting new employees that is.

Our interactive courses tackle both the philosophy of understanding how to be discerning in deciding what will affect future performance, as well as learning the mechanics and legal requirements that surround effective recruitment and selection.

In addition to interviewing skills, participants learn how to appreciate and assess the differences between suitability, eligibility and motivational qualifications to fulfil a role. We also explore the myths and mystery surrounding psychometric testing and assessment centres, and look at ways of assessing the impact of motivation in the selection process.

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